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Shri Yantra

I started this after my last aya journey and I was deeply called to create it. I had no idea what a Shri Yantra was two months ago and never even heard the term. It’s fundamentally sacred geometry, something that points to a deep understanding of the universe through geometry and symbols. This painting was...CONTINUE READING
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Quetzalcoatl II

Quetzalcoatl, in its literal sense, means ‘serpent of precious feathers’, but in the allegorical sense, ‘wisest of men’. God of life, light, and wisdom, lord of the day and the winds. Quetzalcoatl was revered as the patron of priests, the inventor of the calendar and of books, he was also identified with the planet Venus....CONTINUE READING
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Derek Dodds Bali

One Conversation Can Change Your Life

I worked for the federal government right out of college. It was the kind of job that came with a badge and a gun. G man, they called me. That is a real thing, that G talk. When you enter a government job you are assigned a grade level, GS-5, GS-7, etcetera—and when you get a promotion they bump you up a number until you reach 15. General Schedule 15 is the top dog. Ruff. Ruff.CONTINUE READING
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