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Goddess Durga Maa

Goddess Durga Maa – Unleashing the Warrior Goddess

Goddess Durga Maa, a central figure in Hindu mythology, embodies the protective mother aspect of the divine feminine power, Shakti. Known for defeating the demon Mahisa, she is revered for her warrior qualities. Apart from her battle prowess, she symbolizes sleep, hunger, shadow, thirst, and delusion. Durga Maa exists outside male consortship, representing a unique expression of cosmic energy and creation. She upholds the elemental forces of Maya, while also being associated with fertility and the earth itself. Her origins are diverse, possibly predating Vedic culture, and she represents a confluence of male deities' power. In iconography, Durga boasts weaponry symbolizing various aspects of divinity, solidifying her role as a formidable and independent war goddess.CONTINUE READING
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