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What is Ayahuasca

The ayahuasca brew has been used traditionally by indigenous peoples in the Amazon region for spiritual and medicinal purposes. It has gained popularity in recent years among people seeking to explore its effects on personal growth and healing. The origins of ayahuasca are rooted in the indigenous cultures of the Amazon rainforest region in South...CONTINUE READING
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Jai Hanuman

Jai Hanuman Humility and devotion are two aspects of Hanuman that were called to me this past week in ceremony. Devotion is a word that I was allergic to for many decades. Devotion is the crucial ingredient that was missing from my practice. It’s a tricky concept, and I viewed it as disempowering for most...CONTINUE READING
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Ganesha I

Ganesha: The remover of obstacles. May last painting of 2022 (acrylic and gouache on wood). As I close out 2022, I am deeply grateful for all the obstacles removed from my path. The shield around my heart has slowly melted over the last two years, thanks to my dedication to unraveling my traumas through many...CONTINUE READING
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The Devine Feminine

The Devine Feminine – Ma

Ma. The divine feminine, the matrix, God’s mistress, the cosmic lover, matter. Shakti, energy, potential, the coiled serpent, the supreme circuit. She lives in Saraswati’s songs,She powers the wings of Isis, She is the healing roar inside Sekhmet’s lungs, She is the blood pulsating through Kali’s veins on the battlefield, She rests in Lakshmi’s heart...CONTINUE READING
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