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    Raven who was known by Northwest Pacific Coast Indians as “Real Chief,” the “Great Inventor,” the “One Whose Voice Is to Be Obeyed”, ravens are ministers of veiled mysteries.

  • El Dragon
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    El Dragon

    Integrating after this weekend’s prayer circle, I was inspired to make a piece of art that represents what I have lived through symbolically, what has been ignited in me enthusiastically. These symbols, the art that manifests through me, represent a…

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    Shri Yantra

    I started this after my last aya journey and I was deeply called to create it. I had no idea what a Shri Yantra was two months ago and never even heard the term. It’s fundamentally sacred geometry, something that…

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    Quetzalcoatl II

    Quetzalcoatl, in its literal sense, means ‘serpent of precious feathers’, but in the allegorical sense, ‘wisest of men’. God of life, light, and wisdom, lord of the day and the winds. Quetzalcoatl was revered as the patron of priests, the…

  • Seth Godin Workshop
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    Seth Godin Workshop

    Last year I signed up for Seth Godin’s Creatives Workshop in his Akimbo offering.. Seth is a marketer and has been a mentor of mine for many years. I have read most of his books and his daily email is…

  • El Mar by Derek Dodds
    D's Art

    El Mar

    El Mar 2017 | Oil + Acrylic | 5′ X 6′ | © Derek Doods