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Ancient Egyptian Gods Goddesses Names – Family Tree Egyptian Gods

This family tree outlines the lineage of these divine beings. It connects the natural world to the spiritual, offering insight into how the ancient Egyptians interpreted the universe and their place within it. Through myths, rituals, and artistic representations, the deities of ancient Egypt were brought to life, playing a central role in the culture's religion and society for thousands of years.CONTINUE READING
The Seven Chakras: From India to Egypt

Using 7 Chakras for Balance in Life: Hindu & Egyptian Wisdom

The term chakra, from Sanskrit, translates to "wheel" or "disk" and signifies spinning energy centers within our bodies. They are believed to be the nexus points where numerous nāḍīs (channels or meridians) intersect. In a nutshell, they're akin to spiritual power stations, maintaining the energy flow within us. Let's dive into each chakra's meaning so we can use chakras for balance in our lives.CONTINUE READING
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