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E2: Unlocking the Power of Ayahuasca: A Journey of Healing and Connection

In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, Derek Dodds and Sam Bliev delve into Derek’s personal experiences with ayahuasca, his battle with alcohol addiction, and the profound impact plant medicine has had on his life and spiritual journey. They discuss the importance of preparation, integration, commitment to the ayahuasca process, and its transformative potential for personal and professional growth. Derek also shares his connection to nature through surfing and how it complements his ayahuasca experiences. The episode touches on the risks of commercializing ayahuasca and concludes with an invitation to explore Derek’s book and Sam’s retreat in Colombia.

E2 Topics & Timestamps

  • “Dieta”: “00:13:16”
  • “Digital detox”: “00:14:28”
  • “Integration”: “00:15:52”
  • “Breathwork, mantra, positive thinking”: “00:14:28”
  • “Love as a tool for dealing with dark energies”: “00:14:28”
  • “Ceremony Music Playlist”: “00:23:11”
  • “Integration Coach”: “00:24:11”
  • “Therapist”: “00:24:11”
  • “Hop”: “00:24:11”
  • “Yoga”: “00:26:23”
  • “Nature Walks”: “00:26:23”
  • “Book”: “00:31:34”
  • “Krishnamurti Foundation”: “00:41:51”
  • “Ayahuasca”: “00:41:51”
  • “Mushroom journey”: “00:43:05”
  • “The Emerald podcast”: “00:44:00”
  • “Surfing”: “00:45:29”
  • “Santa Barbara”: “00:48:45”
  • “Ayahuasca retreat in Colombia”: “00:52:36”

E1: Introduction to Cura Medicina & Beginners Guide to Ayahuasca

Introduction to Cura Medicina & Beginners Guide to Ayahuasca

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