The eye of Ra vs the eye of Horus

The Celestial Eyes: A Journey Through Ancient Egypt’s Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra

Amidst the golden sands of time, the ancient Egyptians revered the mysteries of the cosmos through their divine symbols. Today, let us take a celestial journey through the corridors of ancient Egypt and unravel the profound symbolism of Egypt behind two enigmatic symbols—The Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra.

Eye of Horus: The Healer’s Gaze

In the moonlit embrace of ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus (also called the Wedjat eye of Horus)resonated as a symbol of healing, protection, and wisdom. Horus, the sky god, was an awe-inspiring deity adorned with a man’s body and a falcon’s head. The eyes of Horus are believed to represent celestial luminaries—his left eye, the moon, and his right, the sun [1][2].

A spellbinding legend unveils the birth of the Eye of Horus symbol. One of the most famous myths in Egyptian mythology is the conflict between Horus and his uncle Set (also spelled Seth). According to the myth, Set murdered Horus’s father, Osiris, and sought to usurp the throne. As the avenger of his father’s death, Horus engaged in a series of battles with Set to reclaim the throne of Egypt. These battles represented the struggle between order (Horus) and chaos (Set). This story also represents our struggle between the lower aspects of self, represented by our ego, and our higher divine nature.

Eyes of Horus

The Eyes of Horus, capturing the ancient Egyptian symbol’s essence of protection, royal power, and good health.

Horus, engaged in a fierce battle with his uncle Set for the throne of Egypt, lost his eye. His eye was restored and returned to him through the mystical arts of the moon god Thoth. This restored eye, known as Wadjet, symbolized healing and wholeness. Its image, fragmented into six pieces, serves as a protective amulet and is employed as a measurement system, particularly in medicines and dyes [1].

The Eye of Horus is usually depicted as a left eye with a blue iris. This eye is more than a symbol. It is a beacon of restoration and light in the shadowed dunes of times gone by [2]. It symbolizes protection, healing, and power and is used to ward off evil spirits and promote well-being.

The Eye of Horus

Eye of Ra: The Solar Flame

As the sun scorches the sands, the Eye of Ra, a symbol of power, fury, and violence, is ablaze in ancient Egyptian mythology. Ra, the god of the sun and the creator, was deemed the father of the gods.

He is often depicted as a man with the head of a falcon and a sun disk on his head, symbolizing his association with the sun. Ra played a central role in Egyptian religion, and his attributes and significance evolved.

The Eye of Ra is a tapestry woven with complex layers. It is often associated with Ra’s female counterpart, a protector, an illuminator, a mother, a daughter, and a wrathful force [3].

Ra, primarily known as the sun god, is considered the sun’s creator and ruler. In ancient Egypt, the sun symbolized life, warmth, and illumination, and Ra’s daily journey across the sky represents his life-giving and sustaining powers.

Ra is often associated with the act of creation. It was believed that he created the world and everything in it through his divine will and the power of his thoughts. He is sometimes called the “Great Architect” or the “Divine Artisan.”

Ra The Egyptian God

Ra The Egyptian God

In one legend, when Ra’s followers descended into chaos, he sent his eye, depicted as his daughter, to discipline them. She, in the form of a lion, wrought havoc. In another legend, Ra’s eye went in search of his children and, upon returning, enraged by being replaced, was placated and placed upon his forehead as a third eye [3].

The Eye of Ra is commonly depicted as the right eye with a red iris, mirroring the sun’s ferocity. It is often portrayed as a cobra encircling a sun disk or an eye akin to the Eye of Horus. While both eyes symbolize protection, the Eye of Ra was predominantly a protector of pharaohs and royalty and harbored a fierceness that could be destructive [2][3].

The god Ra is shown in the Egyptian Ritual (Book of the Dead, xvii., 50) beaming in his egg (the Sun), and he starts as soon as the god Shoo (the Solar energy) awakens and gives him the impulse. In the Secret Doctrine, RA is said to be present at the beginning of the cosmos, “He is in the Solar egg, the egg to which is given life among the gods.” The Solar god exclaims: “I am the creative soul of the celestial abyss. None sees my nest, none can break my egg, I am the Lord!”

The Eye of RA

Which position is the eye of Ra & the eye of Horus?

The eyes of Ra and Horus are frequently misrepresented. Note that the images above are positioned to be looking at you; therefore, Ra is always the right eye that looks at you and has a downward curl to the left.

The Eye-Catching Differences

  1. Celestial Connection: The eye of Ra is vibing with the sun, while the Eye of Horus has got the moon.
  2. Positioning: Eye of Ra is the right eye 👉👁️, and Eye of Horus is the left eye 👁️ 👈. They’re like the perfect pair of eyes but on different faces [1].
  3. Color me Egyptian: The Eye of Horus is sometimes portrayed with a blue iris (chill, like the moon), while the Eye of Ra is rockin’ red (fiery, like the sun) [2].
  4. Meaning & Symbolism: The Eye of Ra is about power and fury, while the Eye of Horus emphasizes healing and restoration.

The Dual Eyes: A Tapestry of Duality

Though similar in appearance, these celestial eyes weave an intricate tapestry of duality. The Eye of Horus, with its restorative and protective gaze, reflects the healing moonlight, while the Eye of Ra, with its fierce solar flames, reflects the sun’s unyielding power.

Ra represents cosmic consciousness, the all, which manifests as the seen and unseen universe, the cosmos. Horus represents the way to reach the cosmic father, Ra. Horus is an aspect of the one source.

These symbols transcend mere illustrations; they are the very breath of ancient Egyptian cosmology, representing the eternal dance between the moon and the sun, between healing and power, between the gentle tides and the scorching sands.

Honored to visit Eqypt in 2022, I toured the temples and learned about Horus and Ra. This trip created a strong bond with these energies. Are you called to connect with the energy of Ra or Horus? I encourage you to continue to follow the threads in your heart and invoke their power and grace.

Through the Eyes of Horus and Ra, we behold the depth of ancient Egyptian spirituality and the endless horizons of their cosmos. May their celestial gaze guide you through the mysteries of yore. To explore the complete family tree of Egyptian Gods click over to our deep dive into Egyptian Gods & Goddesses.

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