Merkaba Meaning

Merkaba Meaning & Star Merkaba Symbolism

The Merkaba, meaning Light Body, is a vehicle that transports us from the material world to the spiritual world. It combines sacred geometry and light energy to link your physical, mental, and spiritual being to the Supreme Being.

Our light body helps us align ourselves to our true purpose and passion on Earth. This is also known as the astral or subtle body in various practices, and star merkaba symbolism relates to the soul’s astral vehicle that traverses these realms. However, before we deeply discuss the Merkaba, star Merkaba symbolism, and Mekaba meditation and lightbody activation, let’s review sacred geometry.

What Is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry is an ancient science ascribes spiritual significance to specific shapes and patterns. It stems from the belief that a cosmic source is responsible for the universal geometer. In other words, there is Divine energy behind the structures, patterns, and shapes we see around us.

Over the years, the power of sacred geometry has influenced many philosophers, artists, and architects. Many great thinkers have used these patterns, numbers, and shapes to elevate their work—Leonardo Devinci being at the top of the list.

Merkaba Meaning

It might seem that this subject is closely related to humanities and arts, but sacred geometry isn’t possible without mathematics. Whether we think of the structures built using sacred geometry or how they affect design and music, mathematical precision is at the core of it. This explains why the scientific community has been fascinated by this subject. 

However, the question remains: Why does sacred geometry have such a significant impact on us? Why do we find ourselves drawn to these shapes and patterns? Why do both spiritual gurus and scientific thinkers nudge us into exploring this subject at a deeper level?

The truth is, these patterns don’t just exist in the outside world but also within us. They exist in nature, structures, and other tangible things we see around us. At the same time, they’re also a part of our DNA molecules, the cornea of our eye, and even the air we breathe. In other words, these patterns connect our mind, body, and soul to the Universe and its magic. Now let’s return to our discussion on Merkaba’s meaning.

Merkaba Meaning: Ancient Technology

The word Merkabah has both Hebrew and Egyptian origins. In Hebrew, the word stands for chariot. In this context, the Merkabah is a chariot that helps us meet and recognize the various cosmic energies that govern our world. In the Egyptian language, the word is broken down into three parts:

  • Mer (light)
  • Ka (spirit)
  • Ba (body)

In the human body, the Merkabah comprises the first eight cells formed after fertilization. These cells are found at the root chakra of the body. Since this point is seen as the center of our body, the Merkaba meaning can be seen as the intersection of our physical and subtle energies. When described this way, our light body forms the basis for creating our physical and spiritual selves. 

Regarding sacred geometry, the light body is represented by a star tetrahedron known as the Star of David. Looking closely at the figure, we understand how it stands for balance, stability, and integration. The top tetrahedron is said to represent masculine energy—which stands for logic and rationality—while the bottom one represents feminine energy—which stands for emotion and intuition.

Star Merkaba Symbolism

Star Merkaba Symbolism

The top can also represent the Universe, while the bottom represents the Earth. In other beliefs, the top can symbolize spirituality, whereas the bottom symbolizes physicality. These energies are opposite, but they come together to form a whole. We move closer to the Divine when we achieve a similar balance within ourselves. 

Some believe that the tetrahedron in the Merkabah is also related to the solar plexus chakra, which stands for our feelings of self-worth. When this chakra is balanced, we have the self-confidence to create our destiny. The star tetrahedron is ideal for our spiritual journey because the top part is connected to the spiritual realm. In contrast, the bottom part is grounded in the physical realm.

Merkaba Spiritual Meaning: Light Body Activation

The aim of using the Merkabah in our spiritual practice is to ultimately cause the union of our physical and spiritual selves. As we merge into the Divine consciousness, more and more of our physical body is said to be filled with light. This is known as light body activation. In 1995, a book was published by Tashira Tachi-ren, known as What is Lightbody?, which talks about the ascension process of the physical body becoming an astral one. 

According to the book, there are 12 levels in the light body activation process. It takes us through these levels and tells us how to achieve them. The twelve levels are:

  1. This is the stage at which you begin to yearn for your true self. You might find yourself opening up to the wonder and joy of the universe or actively seeking it within you. Since the transition from the physical body to the light body requires you to shed emotional, mental, and spiritual weight, this is the stage at which you begin to release anything holding you back. This might include stored emotions, past traumas, and negative thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, these problematic energies manifest physically in the form of the flu. 
  2. In the second stage, you might experience some fatigue and disorientation in your senses. Your flu-like symptoms might also persist. This is because the body works to remove anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. At the first level, you might have begun to respond to energies that exist in this world but aren’t entirely of this world. At this stage, that feeling will intensify, and you will want to investigate further regarding the existence of Spirit.
  3. At the third level, you begin the ascension process. For one, your physical senses become strong, and so does your sense of intuition or energy. You’re now able to start conversing with Spirit. This brings joy that fills you in the form of light at a cellular level. 
  4. The ascension process intensifies through chemical and electromagnetic changes in your brain. This is an exciting but overwhelming stage. On one hand, you begin to feel connected to everyone and everything in the Universe. There’s a lot of joy and playfulness that comes with this realization. You also begin to feel lighter, and some people might experience episodes of clairvoyance. On the other hand, this is a period of intense energy downloads, meaning you might suffer from blurry vision, hearing problems, and frequent headaches. 
  5. At the fifth level, we finally begin to uncover the mystery of the Self. While we might have off-handedly asked ourselves now and then who we are and where we come from, this is the first time we want an answer. We might also become more interested in interpreting our dreams and subconscious activity during this period. 
  6. The sixth level is critical to making us feel supported in this journey and also to help us become guides for others on the journey. Here, we might get in touch with souls on the journey with us and get information on what’s needed to create the collective destiny we’re all seeking. During this stage, you might feel like you are questioning your reality. This is your soul no longer taking anything for granted. 
  7. The seventh level of light body activation coincides with opening the heart chakra as much as possible. This is the emotional stage of the journey. This stage also compels you to revel in the present moment and find joy, love, and playfulness wherever possible. 
  8. This stage deals with the growth of your pituitary and pineal glands. When your pituitary gland expands, you feel pressure at the back of your head. Similarly, your pineal gland expansion manifests as the pressure between your eyebrows. Since your intuition has grown beyond measure, you will connect to Spirit like never before. You will also become more sensitive to sacred geometry that manifests in sound.
  9. In the ninth stage, your sensitivity to sacred geometry increases. At the same time, Spirit is trying to communicate to you that you are a multidimensional being. This might manifest in different ways in your physical body. For example, you might feel you’ve become taller or shorter. Similarly, you might experience weight loss or gain for no reason. While this might be confusing, you’re told that you’ve begun to merge fully with the Source.
  10. The tenth stage deals with your abilities as a lightworker. Since you now possess the ability to work with light, you can now build your merkaba. This vehicle now transports you across time and space. 
  11. At the eleventh stage, your body has transformed entirely into a light body. This means that there has been a complete transformation within yourself. Your cellular system has been renewed, and so has your circulatory system. You can now clearly see the manifestation of sacred geometry within your body. At this level, you are completely one with the Source.
  12. The last stage is about manifesting a new lifestyle as a light body. This includes finding other souls like yourself, following your divine mission on Earth, and being fully present in the moment. Once you reach this stage, you can live on Earth as a spiritual being, which most of us yearn for.

Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba meditation is a profound spiritual practice involving breathing patterns, visualization, and meditation to activate and harmonize your spiritual energy fields. Here’s a simplified example of a Merkaba meditation:

Merkaba Meditation

Merkaba Meditation

  1. Find a Quiet Space: Find a quiet and comfortable place to meditate without interruptions.
  2. Relaxation: Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax your mind and body. Focus on releasing tension with each exhale.
  3. Visualization: Imagine a field of energy around your body, expanding and taking the shape of a Merkaba – a three-dimensional star tetrahedron (a three-dimensional Star of David). Visualize this star as made of pure, crystalline light.
  4. Breathing Technique: Focus on your breath. As you inhale, visualize drawing in prana (life energy) from the universe into your heart. As you exhale, imagine this energy expanding to fill your Merkaba, strengthening and energizing it.
  5. Activation: Visualize the Merkaba spinning around your body, one tetrahedron spinning clockwise and the other counterclockwise. Feel the energy field activating and aligning your spiritual, mental, and physical planes.
  6. Intention Setting: In this meditative state, set your intentions for healing, ascension, or manifestation. Allow the Merkaba to enhance your connection to the divine and the universe.
  7. Completion: Gradually bring your focus back to your physical body. Take a few deep breaths, and when you’re ready, open your eyes. Move gently, carrying the peace and energy from the meditation into your day.

This meditation balances and harmonizes your energy fields, promoting spiritual growth, healing, and consciousness expansion.

How To Draw a Merkaba

I found that drawing a Merkaba is also an excellent way to connect with the energy of the Merkaba and explore the Merkaba meaning within myself. Drawing the Merkaba is another form of Merkaba meditation. You’ll need a compass, ruler, and a sheet of paper. Use this video to draw your first Merkaba:

Summary Merkaba Meaning & Star Merkaba Symbolism

The Merkaba meaning, translating to “Light Body,” is a spiritual vehicle that connects the physical, mental, and spiritual realms to the divine. This concept is deeply intertwined with sacred geometry, which ascribes spiritual significance to specific shapes and patterns, reflecting the belief in a cosmic source behind all structures and forms in the universe. Sacred geometry has influenced various fields, including philosophy, art, and architecture, highlighting the importance of mathematical precision in understanding the universe’s divine energy.

The term “Merkabah” originates in Hebrew and Egyptian languages, symbolizing a chariot that bridges our world’s cosmic energies. In sacred geometry, the Merkaba is represented by a star tetrahedron, symbolizing balance, stability, and integration of masculine (logic and rationality) and feminine (emotion and intuition) energies. This balance is crucial for spiritual growth and aligning with one’s true purpose.

Light body activation, facilitated through Merkaba meditation, aims to unify the physical and spiritual selves, leading to a state where the physical body is increasingly filled with light. This process involves 12 activation levels, starting with a yearning for the true self and culminating in living on Earth as a spiritual being. Merkaba meditation involves breathing techniques, visualization, and intention setting to activate and harmonize the energy fields around the body, promoting spiritual growth, healing, and consciousness expansion.

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