Noke Koi

About the Noke Koi Tribe

Nestled in the heart of Brazil’s lush Amazon rainforest, the Noke Koi tribe embodies the country’s indigenous peoples’ vibrant spirit and rich cultural tapestry. Known for their deep connection to nature and ancestral traditions, the Noke Koi’s way of life offers a fascinating glimpse into the enduring legacy of Brazil’s Amazonian communities.

Noke Koi Tribe

Noke Koî means original true people. They consider themselves the “True People of the Amazon Rainforest.” Chief Yama Nomanawa of the Nomanawa village affirms they’re the First Nation in the Amazon. The Noke Koi represents an unbroken traditional lineage, unlike many of the other tribes in the region that lost their traditional ways when they were infiltrated by Christian missionaries at the turn of the century.

March 2024 USA Tour

Chief Yama and select members of the Noke Koi tribe visited the USA in March 2024 on their inaugural tour of the western United States, bringing with them a rich tapestry of traditions, songs, and profound healing practices from the depths of the rainforest. 

Enjoying the following talk by Cheif Yama about connection to spirit:

Their ’24 USA tour commenced with a heartfelt meeting with the indigenous leaders of Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico. This gathering was a beautiful exchange of cultural treasures, where songs and prayers were shared, fostering a deep connection between the two indigenous communities.

Noke Koi & Medicines of Rainforest

The Noke Koi offers an enriching cultural exchange and a unique opportunity to experience powerful spiritual and healing practices. They work with Uni (ayahuasca) medicine, hapé, and sananga. The Noke Koi are widely known as the original people of Kambô, the frog medicine. They invite us to witness the vibrant legacy of indigenous wisdom and the universal messages of harmony with nature, community, and the sacredness of life.

Noke Koi Uni Ayahuasca

If you are interested in visiting the Noke Koi, we organize tours each year. If you would like to go on your own, I put together this guide to help you prepare.

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