Derek Dodds Bali

One Conversation Can Change Your Life

I worked for the federal government right out of college. It was the kind of job that came with a badge and a gun. G man, they called me. That is a real thing, that G talk. When you enter a government job you are assigned a grade level, GS-5, GS-7, etcetera—and when you get a promotion they bump you up a number until you reach 15. General Schedule 15 is the top dog. Ruff. Ruff.CONTINUE READING
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Writing is Dying

Writing is Dying

A small part of me dies at the end of each sentence. Every period constructs my personal burning ghat, each coma suffocates an ember of my existence. This perpetual death is also the story of my life and worth dying for. Worth writing for. Remnants of myself are sprinkled among the unread paragraphs, the run-on...CONTINUE READING
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