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Daily Productivity

Success doesn’t come overnight—unless you win the lottery or your rich uncle Mike dies and leaves you a fortune.

Success doesn’t come overnight—unless you win the lottery or your rich uncle Mike dies and leaves you a fortune.

Building something of value takes time and each day’s effort compounds toward a desired goal or achievement.

Being productive and doing deep work is at the core of building anything of value—including your skills and relationships.

There is no quick road to success.

I started studying productivity several years ago when I realized that a could hack my abilities by setting up processes and systems.

The following is a snapshot of how I currently stack my days for maximum productivity.


  • Meditation with Sam Harris
  • Morning Pages ( The Artist’s Way)
  • 5 minute gratitude journal
  • 100 sit-ups
  • Yoga/Stretch
  • Drink 2 glasses of water with fresh lemon
  • Go outside and bless the day

Morning / Creator

  • No email before 10am / all morning tasks are ‘create’ oriented
  • Everything is tracked via timer and digital manager (
  • Eat my frog first thing (Brian Tracy: Eat That Frog)
  • Plan 2 creative tasks after frog
  • Check surf forecast and plan surf slot (most important task)
  • Work in 30 minute sprints with headphones until surf slot (Listen to Brain.FM)

Me time

  • Surf
  • Have lunch with surf buddies
  • Read and nap (currently reading Unscripted By MJ Demarco)

Afternoon / Manager

  • Check in with staff (basecamp)
  • No meetings ever (except for non-profit work)
  • Answer emails—go to zero daily (SaneBox App)
  • Do manager type tasks

Phone + Apps

  • Phone always on silent
  • No phone or computer notifications
  • No interrupting unless house or cat on fire
  • No phone near me while in creator or manager mode

Always Be Learning

  • Spend at least 30-60mins every day learning something new (also tracked)

Review End of Day

  • 5 min journal review
  • Review timed tasks
  • Think about optimization
  • No screen after 6:30ish

Books I Recommend:

  • Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • The One Thing by Gary Keller
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey
  • The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky
  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown

It’s always nice to have your cat assisting when possible. I’d love to hear about your hacks in the comments.

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you inspired me today. i needed it as i stumbled upon research on where to surf these days. i’m stuck in hi desert of mexico; arrived on Day 1 basically of ‘lockdown’….i’m a fish outa water from CA. 1st i’d like to say thank you for all that you do and have achieved. your productivity hacks explain a lot on HOW you do it !!! however i could not find SaneBox app. Is that a typo?

i was trying to create a surf trip to mexico coast from mid mexico – mazatlan to troncones….??? then i came across some research on water quality which i thought would have cleaned up some by now, NOT. Canned the whole idea. However, i may take your very well written and complete BAJA surf trip info on your Blog, and offer up a trip from mainland Mex or otherwise, for those who just wanna get wet and need to “un-sequester” safely. i’m a yoga and surf teacher who likes to intro people to the ocean . we pioneered seawater colonics on maui about 15 years ago which cleaned out bad blood in a few weeks. the ocean doesn’t compare to much does it ? for clearing out the cobwebs of the mind and getting connected deeply to mama gaia.

well, i’m also looking for my new home as i just completed a work trade lifestyle; minimalism meets generosity (a book in the making….) and starting over. just in time, to meditate on it…can’t go anywhere, well not far, except down to the river to sit and be. i’m on a farm, been planting food. a big part of my heART and then putting it on the table – health of course, sprouted, fermented and more.

so, i’m going on a bit, sorry.

i’d like to move back to CA and central coast is on my mind; for cleaner ocean, cleaner everything ! and peeps and lifestyle i’ve always loved. i’ve lived all over CA, born in NO in wine country and raised PP, SM, Malibu. my spanish / irish ancestors were some of the early ones.

i’m working on getting enough income to move on and to get landed somewhere. i’ve just started my new online biz in ETH smart contract that is putting food on peoples tables so they don’t have to try to get their non existent job back ! Best damn evolution of making income i’ve seen in years. finally. great timing !!! have you read any of Charles Eisenstein’s work; Sacred Economy ? it’s time ! i’ve created Crypto Kids Club, they’re learning how to self fund their own dreams !!

anywho, i’d like to work with you and your gifts to the world in sustainable surfing, travel guide in pandemic times, ….
i’d also like to live in Ojai. you gave me this idea. i’ve been racking my brain as to where there might be a great place to live in these times. i’ll probably end up in australia in my later years as i love it there – so much beach and waves around every corner. i was married to a surfer from the beach in sydney where the Duke intro’ed surfing to the continent ! my daddy surfed with the Duke when he was a boy, growing up in Honolulu. his old board went into a surfing museum of sorts, somewhere on central coast actually.

well, just my thoughts this AM. hope i didn’t bore you. hope there’s a connection here somewhere, for work, for travel, for surf, for new home.i need a cheap rental to start or another work/trade place for healthy lifestyle, food or biz help. let me know how i can help and if you know anyone who might need some income or a smart diversify while dollar is shaky.

create a great and productive day !

you so inspired me in this post. just what i needed, this entrepreneurial mermaid gypsy who’s drying up in the mexican hi desert.


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