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Lessons From Grandmother Aya

I recently sat in a ceremony with Grandmother Aya, and she taught me a few solid lessons. Ayahuasca is called Grandmother in many traditions because, like a benevolent grandmother, she leads us toward wisdom. At the core of the lessons was the message that our daily practice is the essential foundation from which all branches of our spiritual growth emanate.

The post explores the concept that life’s simple, often considered mundane tasks are divine expressions, and that joy can be found in these moments when we align ourselves vertically with the source and horizontally with life’s unfoldment.

What does a daily practice look like? One famous Zen Buddhist phrase reminds us that most life consists of chopping wood and carrying water. Life is made up of simple moments, and discovering joy in the mundane acts of life is the gift of an awakened being.

Grandmother Aya

Even using the word mundane, I have dressed the tiger in sheep’s clothing. Another way to say it is that all acts of life are representations of divine expression. Joy is discovered at the intersection of the vertical alignment between Source and the horizontal unfoldment of our life. Joy is the music of celestial realms.

I find myself whispering to my subconscious in moments of disconnection: can you find the joy, Derek? At times, I can find joy dancing in the embers of the mundane; however, many times, I can not. Attention to the moment and the intention of the aforementioned question create a slight shift that awakens energy toward joy. Awakening that energy is the secret source or the sacred sauce of life’s dance.

Grandmother Aya Shares Her Wisdom

Energy is another essential ingredient in this cosmic recipe. It is accurate and precise that we are balls of energy riding on a planetary rocket, pulsating in a massive container called space. Some activities deplete our energy, and others ignite our energy. Acknowledging who and what influences our vibration is at the core of living a life that resonates with our higher selves.

Back to the original intention of writing this post, to share the lessons from Grandmother Aya. The following are the three pillars from Grandmother Aya that came to me a few weeks ago, and it’s an honor to share them with you:

  • Meditation is the cultivation of awareness. Awareness is the building block and unifier that connects the present to the infinite. Whole. Complete. One.
  • Gratitude is an expression of the heart. Gratitude is an ever-flowing river of love and joy. Gratitude is Gracia. All gratitude is deposited in a universal vault of goodness that elevates humanity.
  • Celebration of the divine is a deep alignment with Gran Espiritu. Gratitude expresses itself through acts of enthusiasm. Where enthusiasm surfaces, our unique gifts are ignited, and the divine empowers our expressions through the heart.

Summary Of Grandmother Aya

In this reflective post, I share profound lessons learned from a ceremony with Grandmother Aya, emphasizing the importance of daily practice as a cornerstone for spiritual growth.

The significance of energy in our lives highlights that our actions and company can drain or enhance our vibrational energy, which is crucial for living in harmony with our higher selves.

Three critical pillars of wisdom from Grandmother Aya are meditation to cultivate awareness and connect the present moment with the infinite. Gratitude is an ever-flowing river of love and joy, contributing to a universal vault of goodness. Celebration of the divine involves aligning with the Grand Spirit and expressing oneself through enthusiastic acts, thereby igniting our unique gifts.

I pray that you can find joy in everyday moments, recognize the energy within and around us, and embrace meditation, gratitude, and celebration as practices that enrich our spiritual journey. If you want to learn more about Grandmother Aya, please check out my book Beginners Guide to Ayahuasca.

With love,

December 2021

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