Plant Medicine Poem

The Spiraling Pheonix

Spiraling upward, the Pheonix can foresee
the struggles of you and me

beyond life’s marquee
is a secret—don’t you agree?

sacred myths hold the key
follow the dance of the bee

life is god’s potpourri
not a spending spree

wake up and drink the tea
from the spiritual tree

take a trip to your inner Waikiki
your soul is the designee

your childhood trauma is the VIP
plant medicine is the referee

get on one knee
prayer and gratitude are love’s sea

there is a fee
if you flee

your life is not leftover debris
don’t be a spiritual absentee

is your soul trapped in ghee
like a dried-out pea

make a plea
to simply be

my beloved thee
he, she, and we

all creatures, I decree
are designated trustee

your heart deserves jubilee
and your soul is meant to be free

~ Derek, France October 20, 2022

Category:Poems & Prose
Son of Ra

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