Ode To Life

i have been blinded by this oceananic dream-like understanding
of such intense feeling and emotion
and desire
that yes
i too am being re-born
reborn to myself and to love
re-birthing my energetic ability to march into this life
stand up to a new way of living
yes ode to myself
to the lions roar
to the heartfelt understanding that life in not over
that life has just begun
after 40 years
i am now on fire
i am now waking up
i am become me
ode to me

ode to the pealing of my soul
to the layers of illusion that are falling away
ode to the soft, gentle nature
that is at my core
that is the core of all beings

ode to the embers of that internal fire
that burns
that is dancing in the shadows
of my old self
of my forgotten fears
of my own limitations
ode to the distilling quality of truth

ode to freedom
and to all its wonderful flavors
i have been struck by the knowing
of all potentiality
i have been split in two
and i am no longer chasing that part of myself
that is running rabid in the streets of disillusion
frothing at the mouth of fear
saliva of nothingness dripping from a wretched fragmentation
of contradiction
ode to reality and the removal of the thick dark blanket of fear

ode to a new way of living
in which all of the movements
are born in the heart
are rooted in forgiveness and passion

ode to ode itself
that it my arise in the most challenging moments
and flourish into the sunlight of reason
without too much analysis
of the analyzer and its surroundings

ode to love
and to everything that it