Huni Kuin

Interview with Tuwe Huni Kuin Plant Medicine

The Huni Kuin, also known as the Kaxinawá, are an indigenous tribe from Brazil. They inhabit the Brazilian Amazon, specifically the state of Acre, as well as parts of Peru. The Huni Kuin is part of the Pano linguistic family, and they have their unique language, also called Huni Kuin.

The Huni Kuin are known for their strong connection to their traditional ways of life and their deep spirituality. Their cosmology centers around their relationship with the natural world. They believe all things are interconnected (I agree). They also have a deep reverence for using ayahuasca, a powerful plant medicine central to their spiritual practices.

Traditionally, the Huni Kuin were semi-nomadic, moving their communities every few years to follow the land cycles and their resources. However, with the arrival of non-indigenous settlers and the pressures of modern life, many Huni Kuin communities have become more sedentary.

Unfortunately, the Huni Kuin have also faced significant challenges and threats to their way of life. They have had to deal with land disputes, violence, and discrimination from outsiders. They have also been affected by environmental degradation, including deforestation and pollution.

Despite these challenges, the Huni Kuin continue fighting for their rights and way of life. They have formed alliances with other indigenous groups and organizations and have worked to preserve their traditional practices and protect their lands. They also engage in cultural exchange programs with non-indigenous people to raise awareness about their culture and struggles.

Tuwe Huni Kuin is an indigenous leader and filmmaker from the Western Amazon in Brazil, from the Huni Kuin people located in Sao Vicente Village in Acre.

In this video, Tuwe discusses using ayahuasca and Rape (Hapi) plant medicines. Yuwa walks us through the Huni Kuin’s beautiful tradition and journey of using plant medicine to heal and explore the spiritual realms. He also sings a gorgeous traditional song.

Tuwe has filmed a documentary about the struggles of the uncontacted tribes of the Amazon and Peru called “Nós e os Brabos” “Us and Them”.

In this interview, Tuwe explains the use of the sacred Ayahuasca medicine, also known as Nixi Pae, and its benefits to our body, mind, and soul.

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