Self-illusion has tied the tether of truth . . .

i met this guy in Mexico a few years back
and he had this huge tattoo on his arm
he was powerful
like a shaman
i instantly felt he was my brother


and i asked him what veritas meant
and he said truth
and it hit me hard
it struck me like a bolt
right in the center of my being
because I knew that what he had on his arm
was the meaning of life
was the meaning of my life
even though most of my life was a lie
swallowing what had been passed down to me from my family
assimilating what ‘they’ taught me in all those hours of ‘education’
how to be a ‘good’ human
a good ‘citizen’
a good ’employee’
“I pledge allegiance to the flag on America, Russia, Brazil. . .”

but at some point I started questioning
people say bla bla and
have lied so much to themselves
that the self-illusion has tied the tether of truth
into a noose
and the victim is life itself
and the patient and doctor have both signed the same contract
and judgment day never comes
until truth is set free

truth shows up (or doesn’t) in words and action, but it is rooted in the heart
it is the heart’s council
in fact the two are inseparable
when you talk of love
you might as well talk of truth
because they are so closely connected
they are more than intimate

but actually everything emanates from that fire
the truth-fire of life
and it either burns clearly
or gets distorted by our own fears
by our own need for security
by our own need to be somebody
by our need to show others how ‘good’ we are

but the heart does not care about any of those needs
it only dances in the embers of truth’s radiance
it is in itself ‘alive’ with the potentiality of existence
it knows nothing else
in fact, no-thing-else is even possible
it has no other path
it is unidirectional
because of truth’s purity
the heart, thus, has only one destiny

so life’s journey is
a challenge
follow the heart
or truth
or a combined dance of the two
allowing for truth to birth itself
in our lives
and uncovering
or recognizing
the heart’s song
is what is worth living for

truth’s dance
all of the blind spots
it doesn’t care if we look at those blind spots
it just keeps revealing
and the egos trips
and tricks ‘itself’
and ourselves
protecting itself
fortifying the illusion
the game
the shadowed existence

i keep watching
and the sensitivity grows
and the ego stops protecting itself
and it shows itself
in its shadows
and its light grows
and such is the movement of life
and the movement of death