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Ode to Wood Surfboards

An 80 hour obsession with wood and surfing.


 Ode to Wood Surfboards

Having made many surfboards in my short surfboard building life (over ten years in), I have to say this was one of my all time favorite projects.

I got the blank from Mark, the creator of Crooked Blanks, after meeting him in New York where he shlepped a bunch of blanks to Central Park for me to touch and feel.

There is something special that happens when you work with wood, something magical in my case. I am not sure what it is?

I never did like ploughing through all those foam pieces—especially knowing the chemical trail behind each PU blank.

Wood however, now that is something different.

Once a tree.
Soon to be a surfboard.
And me.

Working with wood has a different quality to it, handling something that spent time slowly growing out of the ground makes one feel—well—alive.

As a shaper shapes a board he touches the material over and over, something about that wood just did it for me.

I like working with wood and I’ll be working with it more often.

Ode to wood.