• Derek Dodds Reading List
    Life Lessons

    Reading List 2018-2019

    I like to keep these reading lists to refer back to what I was reading and thinking about during the specific time. It helps me map out my journey. I rarely re-read books but I do deep dive into authors…

  • El Mar by Derek Dodds
    D's Art

    El Mar

    El Mar 2017 | Oil + Acrylic | 5′ X 6′ | © Derek Doods

  • The Valley of Weathered Hearts
    Poems & Prose

    The Valley of Weathered Hearts

    I left myself at the shores of frustration. In search of my true salvation. Driven by the love of elation. Shadowed by my fear and consternation. No time left for mental masturbation. Full throttled vibration. Understated, unrated, undercooked maturation. Destiny…

  • Pulsating Pensivity by Derek Dodds
    Poems & Prose

    Pulsating Pensivity

    broken raindrops of existence kindled by flames of eternity grasped by the throat of time dripping memories from my glass of wine bloodstained youth of– dreamless dreams running in circles of– meanless means twisting away on the cosmic vine

  • Are You Leading A Second-hand Life?
    Life Lessons

    Are You Leading A Second-hand Life?

    I was living a secondhand life for many years. Like an old worn-out t-shirt hanging on the thrift store rack, waiting for someone to take me home so that I could live in their dream world and not mine. The…

  • Ode To Life by derek dodds
    Poems & Prose

    Ode To Life

    ode to emotion and desireblinded by my oceanic dream-like imagination reborn to myself, in myselfre-birthing my energetic ability to march, dance, and sing ode to standing up to a new way of living yes—an ode to myself to the lion’s…