• Aya
    Life Lessons

    Lessons From Grandmother Aya

    I recently sat in a ceremony with Grandmother and she gave me a few solid lessons. At the core of these lessons was the message that our daily practice is the essential foundation from which all branches of our spiritual…

  • Hummingbird
    Life Lessons

    I Am That

    I rise from the cocoon of consciousness.I emerge into new form.I touch God. I am that.I am that.I am that. I am part of everything.I am love.I am divinity.I am the universe.I am the hummingbird. I am that.I am that.I…

  • Kwan Yin Has Been Following Me
    Life Lessons

    Kwan Yin Has Been Following Me

    The statue of Kwan Yin has been stalking me since it arrived on the property at the nonprofit where I dedicate my love and energy. I had never heard of Kwan Yin before the stature arrived. I eventually asked the…

  • Beyond Order Book Review
    Life Lessons

    Beyond Order Book Review

    I am both a fan and a critic of Jorden Peterson. Much of his writing intrigues me and some of it confuses me. Nonetheless, I do feel refreshed and stimulated when I absorb his views. I also note that he…

  • Daily Productivity

    Daily Productivity

    Success doesn’t come overnight. Unless you win the lottery or your rich uncle Mike dies and leaves you a fortune. I had a rich uncle that I didn’t speak with for over 20 years and when he died he didn’t…

  • Derek Dodds
    Life Lessons

    Doing Time In A Cave

    I have been attracted to the Buddha for most of my adult life. I don’t know what it is or how it arrived, but he is there silently looming by my side. Maybe it’s some leftover karma from another life,…

  • How To Start A Mastermind Group

    How To Start A Mastermind Group

    It all starts with the desire to be better. That desire leads to a search for improvement. On my path, in particular, that search leads to taking online courses, attending seminars and conferences, joining entrepreneurial communities, and participating in masterminds.…

  • Writing is Dying
    Poems & Prose

    Writing is Dying

    A small part of me dies at the end of each sentence. Every period constructs my personal burning ghat, each coma suffocates an ember of my existence. This perpetual death is also the story of my life and worth dying…

  • Seth Godin Workshop
    D's Art

    Seth Godin Workshop

    Last year I signed up for Seth Godin’s Creatives Workshop in his Akimbo offering.. Seth is a marketer and has been a mentor of mine for many years. I have read most of his books and his daily email is…