Can You Surf During COVID-19

I surf most days, COVID-19 is creating some major havoc in my life. But the one question that came up early for me on this journey is can I still keep surfing during all this chaos? I need it. Surfing. Surfing is my air and helps the blood course through my veins. Without it, I […]

The Art Of Being An Entrepreneur

How To Prepare For The Canton Fair 2020

The Canton Fair is the largest product tradeshow in the world. It happens twice per year in both the Spring and Fall. The show is broken into three phases depending on the products that you produce. You can check out the product lists and see where your niche falls. Each phase lasts 5 days.

Mentors & Heros

Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Review

Are you on the fence about going to the UPW event? I was too and below I review my experience at Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within, or as the cool kids say, UPW or #upw.  I didn’t resonate with every aspect of the event, but there was enough value that I would recommend doing […]


El Mar

Oil + Acrylic | 5′ X 6′ | 2017 Currently in my living room. Of course, my main muse in life,


Surrounded By Light

Cannon 6D – Micro Lense – Mexico

For Surfers Life Meaning Travel

Sinaloa Surf Trip Video

One of the best surf trips I have taken in the last few years—risk and you will find reward.

For Surfers Life Meaning Travel

A Sinaloan Road Trip: Why Surfers Risk Everything for Waves

Everyone said I shouldn’t go. “It’s dangerous down there right now,” they told me. In fact, just a few kilometers from where we were staying, two Australian surfers disappeared last November. According to reports, they were pulled over by assassins dressed in police uniforms and shot. Lit on fire and burned beyond recognition. The authorities had […]


The Valley of Weathered Hearts

I left my self at the shores of frustration. In search of my true salvation Driven by the love of elation. Shadowed by my fear and consternation. No time left for mental masterbation. Full throttled vibration. Understated, unrated, undercooked maturation. Destiny is my creation. Done with—someones else’s verbalization. Enriched by inspiration. Taking it down with […]

For Surfers

El Salvador 2015 Surf Trip

A photo journey of Spring surf trip to El Sal with bros (yes, female bro) Sky and Greg.

Life Meaning

On Rebuilding Cars & Chasing Childhood Dreams

I had a lot of fun rebuilding cars when I was young—there is something creative about the process of getting a car that has been mangled, mistreated and downright neglected and turning it into a wonderful piece of craftsmanship. I had a VW GTI when I was a teen and after installing a racing cam […]