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Hold Your Own

But, when time pulls lives apart Hold your own When everything is fluid, nothing can be known with any certainty Hold your own Hold it till you feel it there As dark and dense and wet as earth As vast and bright and sweet as air When all there is is knowing that you feel […]


Writing is Dying

A small part of me dies at the end of each sentence. Every period constructs my personal burning ghat, each coma suffocates an ember of my existence. This perpetual death is also the story of my life and worth dying for. Worth writing for. Remnants of myself are sprinkled among the unread paragraphs, the run-on […]

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What is the difference between imagination and illusion?

Returning to Webster’s dictionary, we note that illusion is “perception of something objectively existing in such a way as to cause misinterpretation of its actual nature.” It’s important to note that illusion is also a byproduct of imagination, and we need to guard against this side of imagination. We make the best decisions in life […]

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Pulsating Pensivity

Pulsating . . .

Productivity Running A Product Business

Daily Productivity

Success doesn’t come overnight—unless you win the lottery or your rich uncle Mike dies and leaves you a fortune.



Imagination allows us to access a creative boundless space at any moment and from any location.

Imagination is a superpower and it is available to everyone unconditionally.

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Ode To Life

ode to reality and the removal of the thick dark blanket of fear

Ecommerce Productivity

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

To learn more about Economic Principles visit:


Can You Surf During COVID-19

I surf most days, COVID-19 is creating some major havoc in my life. But the one question that came up early for me on this journey is can I still keep surfing during all this chaos? I need it. Surfing. Surfing is my air and helps the blood course through my veins. Without it, I […]

The Art Of Being An Entrepreneur

How To Prepare For The Canton Fair 2020

The Canton Fair is the largest product tradeshow in the world. It happens twice per year in both the Spring and Fall. The show is broken into three phases depending on the products that you produce. You can check out the product lists and see where your niche falls. Each phase lasts 5 days.