Dreams & Fears

Seth Godin said in a recent post,

“Sooner or later, important action taken comes down to this:

Fear: Of being ashamed, feeling stupid, being rejected, being left out, getting hurt, being embarrassed, left alone, dying.

Dreams: Of being seen, being needed, becoming independent, relieving anxiety, becoming powerful, making someone proud, fitting in, seen as special, mattering, taken care of, loved.”

Though I agree, there is one other powerful moment in one’s life that can propel you into action, I know, because I just lived it.

It isn’t a fear or a dream, it’s the clarity and courage to step outside of yourself and be who you want to be.

That isn’t some hairy fairy hippy bullshit, it’s an active understanding of what fits in your life and what doesn’t. Clear the deck and remove what (and in many cases who) doesn’t fit and make the space for what does.

This requires the courage to face your fears and insecurities—but even more importantly, it is the realization that you have been living in the shadows of yourself, hiding from the challenges and wounds of your ego.

You can’t run from yourself.

Yes, important action is about fears and dreams—but, it is also about clearly seeing who and what you are. Overcoming yourself (in spite of yourself) in a way that enables you to see, act, and move in the right direction.

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