Delving Into Delirious Delicacies

Delving into delirious delicacies
of our daily journey
inner flow -ing
life grow -ing
wonderment bulking at it’s own mystical mystery
severed by a silly senility
sliding down the banks of time

tick tock
watching the clock
an inevitable ending
awaits us in the hall of reality
to face our own unraveling
the crowd applauds
no longer pleasing

what response to life have we drafted
what alone destines our heart—longing
caged or free—choices abiding

magnetized by a misunderstanding
fossilized by a self perpetuated crime
building walls around our most treasured of treasures

the warrior heart needs no protection

wonderment kicks us from behind
and reminds us
to get along with the journey friend
where is the rocket to nowhere?
the turtle rides us like a wild pony
spurs driven into the layers of fear

broken by a nowhere journey
hence our nature
thus our future
never a known path
or an untaken journey
crisscrossing here nor there
fixed and moving
in the same breathless breath
but never at rest
silence chases us close
on the sunbeams of the moon’s light
showing the way

stocked by the darkness of birth and death
and everything in-between—lightning strikes
up-side-down facing each other
a myopic child
and cries
at its own demise.

D. Germany 09