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The Valley of Weathered Hearts

I left my self at the shores of frustration. In search of my true salvation Driven by the love of elation. Shadowed by my fear and consternation. No time left for mental masterbation. Full throttled vibration. Understated, unrated, undercooked maturation. Destiny is my creation. Done with—someones else’s verbalization. Enriched by inspiration. Taking it down with […]

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Gratitude List

What are you grateful for? Don’t you feel good when people acknowledge you? In fact, studies show that acknowledging people is more important than paying people. Nine out of ten people never say thank you. Well, that is not exactly accurate, but it sure feels true some days. The good news is that you don’t […]

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Thoughts on the Gobekli Tepe

We are flying out of Sanliurfa after having visited the Gobekli Tepe four times, twice with a group of enthusiasts and twice alone, just the two of us. Rosemary is practiced in shamanic journeywork so we brought along some headphones and some drumming tracks on her i-Pod so that we might take the opportunity to […]

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