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A Sinaloan Road Trip: Why Surfers Risk Everything for Waves

Everyone said I shouldn’t go. “It’s dangerous down there right now,” they told me. In fact, just a few kilometers from where we were staying, two Australian surfers disappeared last November. According to reports, they were pulled over by assassins dressed in police uniforms and shot. Lit on fire and burned beyond recognition. The authorities had […]

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Thoughts on the Gobekli Tepe

We are flying out of Sanliurfa after having visited the Gobekli Tepe four times, twice with a group of enthusiasts and twice alone, just the two of us. Rosemary is practiced in shamanic journeywork so we brought along some headphones and some drumming tracks on her i-Pod so that we might take the opportunity to […]

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It Only Takes One

“Do you bring the bong? No, I thought you brought it!” This trip has been like a Cheech and Chong bong party, without the bong! Traveling isn’t always easy, different beds, snoring friends, babies crying, funky food, “for the last time, vegetarian does not mean I eat chicken god damn it!” There is nothing like […]

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