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El Mar

Oil + Acrylic | 5′ X 6′ | 2017  Currently in my livingroom. Of course, my main muse in life . . . it was a blast to paint.

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Charcoal and pastel. This is one of my favorite pieces. I rarely work with pastel but on this day I was feeling just like the image¬†portrays. I guess that’s when we do our best art, when it resonates most closely with who and why we are.

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Ode to Wood Surfboards

¬†Ode to Wood Surfboards Having made about 100 surfboards in my short surfboard building life (over ten years in), I have to say this was one of my all time favorite projects. I got the blank from Mark, the creator of Crooked Blanks, after meeting him in New York where he shlepped a bunch of […]

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