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Author: Derek Dodds

A Sinaloan Road Trip: Why Surfers Risk Everything for Waves

Everyone said I shouldn’t go. “It’s dangerous down there right now,” they told me. In fact, just a few kilometers from where we were staying, two Australian surfers disappeared last November. According to reports, they were pulled over by assassins dressed in police uniforms and shot. Lit on fire and burned beyond recognition. The authorities had to do a DNA analysis of the remains to identify the surfers. This happened at the end of 2015, just as I was sending my deposit in for my surf trip to the notorious state of Sinaloa. The land of El Chapo. I almost...

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The Valley of Weathered Hearts

I left my self at the shores of frustration. In search of my true salvation Driven by the love of elation. Shadowed by my fear and consternation. No time left for mental masterbation. Full throttled vibration. Understated, unrated, undercooked maturation. Destiny is my creation. Done with—someones else’s verbalization. Enriched by inspiration. Taking it down with perspiration. Pillars of spiritualization. Dripping from the tears of experimentation. Rhythm-less rhymes of orchestration. The conductor has left the podium—the hum of yesteryear echoes in the valley of weathered hearts and vagabond dreams, A small note shows itself, alone and naked in ‘self’ immolation....

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